10 Ways to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer!

We’re officially in the heat of the summer! With average temperatures over 20 degrees, it is essential to keep your dog cool while enjoying time outside. Here are 10 easy ways to keep your dog cool this summer! 

Panting dog

1. Freeze Kibble or Treats in an Ice Cube

Fill an ice cube tray with water and a couple pieces of kibble and freeze it. This makes a yummy cold treat for your dog on a hot summer day.

2. Get a Doggie Splash Pad

Hook your hose up to the splash pad and enjoy playing with your dog in the summer heat. The water will prevent your dog from getting too hot while running around outside with you.

3. Get a Cooling Mat

Cooling mats are great for your dog after some time in the sun. These mats are filled with gel, water, or air, and cool your dog down by absorbing their body heat while they lay on the mat.

Dog laying on a cooling mat

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4. Give them some Frozen Treats

Cool your dog off with some yummy homemade frozen treats. Some of our favourite recipes include peanut butter and banana ice cream, strawberry popsicles, and pumpkin ice cream.

5. Get a Kiddy Pool

You can use a kiddy pool as a place for your dog to lounge and cool off on a hot summer day. We recommend a hard plastic pool, as dogs can easily puncture an inflatable pool.

6. Get a Cooling Vest

Cooling vests are made from a material that you can wet and put on your dog to help keep them cool. The water in the vest will evaporate and reduce your dog’s body heat in the process. One of our favourite cooling vests is The Swamp Cooler by Ruffwear!

Dog wearing cooling vest

Photo: from Ruffwear website

7. Give your Dog a Freezable Chew Toy

Simply fill one of these cool toys with water and freeze it, then give it to your pup to slurp away and cool off.

8. Always Bring Water

Anytime you go out with your dog, bring some water to keep them hydrated in the summer heat. There are a variety of water bottles on the market, but one of our favourite is the Springer Dog Travel Water Bottle

springer dog travel water bottle

Photo: from Amazon

9. Make an Ice Pack

Don’t worry if you can’t buy your dog a splash pad or pool; you can always make a DIY ice pack with materials you have on hand. You can freeze a water bottle or fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and put it under your dog’s chin to cool them down.

10. Wet a Towel

If you don’t have a cooling vest, you can wet a towel with cold water or keep it in the freezer and drape it over your dog to cool them off. 

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