The Ultimate Guide to Winter Dog Coats

We've searched high and low to bring you our ultimate guide to finding the perfect winter coat for your dog. Whether your dog is running alongside you on a snowy hike or strolling the city streets, we have found a coat for everyone.

ultimate guide to winter dog coats

The Adventure Dog 

These coats are super warm, have many technical features (windproof, waterproof, reflective, warming), and are meant to withstand wear and tare.

CHILLY DOGS - Great White North

This coat is designed for maximum warmth, durability and safety. Best of all it comes in a variety of sizes (like every size imaginable), and is designed to be "easy on & easy off".

HURTTA - Extreme Warmer

The Extreme Warmer jacket will keep your dog warm even in the most challenging conditions. The reflective foil inside the jacket reflects the dog's body heat and gives the jacket significant, extra warmth. Plus it has a hood that warms your dog's neck and can be lifted to protect their ears.

RUFFWEAR - Stumptown 

From hitting the trail to walking around town, this insulated and quilted jacket is warm and durable. Bonus - it's made from recycled polyester so it is also eco-friendly!

HURTTA - Extreme Overall 

The Extreme Overall warming overall is designed for particularly cold conditions and for dogs that become cold easily.


maxbone puffer jacket

The Fashionable Dog 

These coats are not only warm, but super chic. They are handmade with love for the most fashionable of dogs!

ARITZIA - The Super Ruff Puff

Designed to keep your pup super warm, The Super Ruff Puff is an insulated, adjustable puffer vest with a zip storage pocket for treats.

MAX BONE - Alpine Puffer Jacket

While your dog is turning heads, they will be feeling warm, dry & comfortable whether they are playing in the snow or just taking a walk around town.

ultimate winter dog coat guide

The Posh Dog 

These coats are for the fanciest of pups - the label conscience, designer loving dog!

MONCLER - Reversible Quilted Dog Vest

Reversible vest crafted from signature nylon laque that keeps your beloved pooch warm.

BARBOUR - Quilted Dog Coat

The Quilted Dog Coat is constructed in Barbour's iconic diamond quilted nylon. 


The Budget Conscous Dog 

If you got sticker shock from the coats above, these coats will rock your world. They are super cute and oh so affordable.

H&M - Dog Jacket

This trendy puffer coat is fleece lined coat for warmth, and super affordable at only $19.99.

BEAVER CANOE - Puffer Dog Vest

Keep your dog warm and cozy all winter with this vest that features easy on front velcro closure and soft, puffy insulation for added warmth. A perfect outfit for any outdoor adventure.

carhartt dog coat

The Outdoorsy Dog 

If your dog is right beside you while you camp, hike, fish, and living their best outdoor life, then these coats are for you.

HUNTER - Uppsala

The family owned company Hunter, is known for their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. This cotton dog coat with faux fur lining is for the rugged dog on the go.

CARHARTT - Dog Chore Coat

This chore coat is made with Carhartt's firm-hand duck, which fights off wind and light rain. It will keep your dog warm and dry as run about their daily chores.


Ultimate dog coat guide

The Eco-Friendly Dog 

These stylish coats are eco-friendly, made with recycled materials and repurposed production scraps. These beautiful coats keep your dog warm and help reduce landfill waste.

BILLY WOLF - Porter Coat

Billy Wolf coats draw inspiration from authentic Americana roots. The Porter Coat is made from wool with a super soft sherpa lining to keep your pup warm and stylish.

ELANOR - Mexican Blanket Cape

Each Elanor jacket is made of recycled and repurposed materials (mostly 100% wool). There is an inner lining that is 100% recycled cotton for added warmth and comfort.

RUFFWEAR - Overcoat

This sporty coat will keep your dog warm in cold weather and it's eco-friendly! 

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