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What breed of dog do you profile? Golden Doodles

Where are you based out of?: The great white north - Canada!!

What are some of your dogs' favourite things to do: Well, we don't personally know all of the dogs that we feature on our account, however, our golden doodle loves to cuddle, play fetch, play in the snow, go on walks and runs, and anything involving treats!

Why did you start an instagram account? We loved our golden doodle so much that we wanted to show other people just how cute, loveable and playful dogs golden doodles are, and hopefully inspire our followers to get golden doodles as well.

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram?: It's hard to choose as we love every dog that we've featured. But if we had to choose one, it would probably be the photo we posted of @teddygramnyc as it was a big milestone for our account - the first time we got 1000 likes!

Another favourite would be the video of @lambeau_leaps because it always makes us smile (watch video here!)

What’s the best part about instagraming?: Showing people the joy that golden doodles can bring, one photo at a time!
What one word best describes your dogs? Adorable!
What other instagram dogs do you follow? Well we follow over 350 accounts on instagram but, i'll name a few accounts that we follow: @paisley_and_shelby, @sparty_dood, @franky.dood, @murphyandscarlett, @rouxmagnolia, @dooditsregie,  @elliejanelayne, and so many other cute doods!
Tip for other instagramers? Post frequently and interact with other accounts that are similar to yours and that you like. Also, post the best quality photos!
Do you have any favourite dog products? A few of our favourites are: of course The Rover Boutique, Natural Dog CompanyDog Threads, and Animal Hearted! Go check out their amazing products!


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