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Cry wolf Clothing

We are so excited to bring you a supercharged edition of Insta-dogs! Today's interview features the ladies from the amazing clothing brand and lifestyle shop Crywolf, and their two dapper dogs. 

Name: Monzie (@mypetmonzie) and Benny Winston (@bennychihuahua)

What kind of dogs are Monzie & Benny: Monzie is a french bulldog and Benny is a long-haired chihuahua

Where do Monzie & Benny you live?: Monzie lives with Rose and Benny lives with Steph.

What is Monzie & Benny's favourite thing to do: Monzie loves being at the store and unleashing at the dog park or beach. She's been on a couple of road trips so she's used to traveling.

Benny loves to be in his carrier bag and will happily run into it if he thinks he's going somewhere. He actually likes going into any sort of bag or box. He loves destroying every toy and pulling the stuffing out piece by piece. He also loves being up at the cottage and biting the caps off acorns.

Why did you start instagram accounts for Monzie & Benny? As most dog people do, we've been taking photos of our dogs on a daily basis since they were puppies. Occasionally we would post them on our Crywolf account, as we like to show snippets of our personal lives, or we would have them model some dog products we carry. Customers and fans got to know our dogs through there and through seeing them at our shop on Ossington and when Monzie was a puppy we transitioned into setting them both up with their Instagram accounts.

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram? Rose: My favourite picture is of Monzie wearing her brand new Rover bow tie collar and lying on her back. She looks so dapper. 

My Pet Monzie

Steph: Maybe Galaxy Benny. It's actually my desktop background on my laptop and we made it into a button. 


What’s the best part about instagraming? It's a great way to document and have an archive of your favourite photos and it lets you connect with people all over the world. It's also a good way to become better at taking photos. When you're on a mission to take something post-worthy, it pushes you to be more creative.

What one word best describes your dog? Rose: Piggy / Steph: Monkey

What other instagram dogs do Monzie & Benny follow? They follow our some of their dog/cat friends @minpinbodhi @cheeweechihuahua @gimmesomemort @theadventuresofarrow

Some other favourites are @digbyvanwinkle @dog_dada @unleashedinthecity

Any tips for other instagramers? Use natural light whenever possible and usually you have to take 50 photos to get one good one.

Do Monzie & Benny have any favourite dog products? Benny and Monzie both have multiple Rover collars and accessories, which are our favourites. 


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