The Rover collection grew out of a love for pets, all things nautical, and a preppy spirit. We are a Toronto based pet clothing studio, dedicated to crafting well made, beautifully designed products for dogs and cats. Our items are based on the timeless clothing we love to wear.  

In 2006, I brought home a 5 month old pug and named her Ella. I wanted to buy her clothing that matched my personal style.  I visited pet shops that gave me two options - pink, frilly items or sporty, utilitarian garments. Nothing I would buy for myself, and certainly not for my pet. So, I pulled out my sewing machine, and with the help of a friend, started designing a classic navy peacoat. That blue coat sparked the idea to start my own pet clothing company.

Today, our items include coats, tailored shirts, pleated dresses, classic bandanas, dapper bow ties, formal wear, and a variety of collars. Our pieces are meant to last, each hand constructed using high quality fabrics and finishes. We are inspired by good design and are continuously dreaming up new products for your pets. We love what we do, and think you will too.