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Our Story

What we love for who we love.

In 2006, I brought home a five month old pug and named her Ella. In no time at all, we were attached at the hip.

We were best friends

Since we went everywhere together, I wanted her style to match my own. But when I visited pet shops, it seemed there were only two kinds of collars, leashes, and apparel out there – either pink frills or utilitarian sportswear. I couldn’t find anything that matched our personality.

So, I pulled out my sewing machine and designed a classic navy peacoat, tailored just for Ella. Today, our boutique offers a full range of sewn-in-studio pet apparel. We love the pieces we’ve created for friendships of all shapes and sizes, and we know you will too. We love what we do and we can’t wait to get your bestie outfitted in the Rover designs that suit your bond like no other.

We're Dedicated To

  • Stylish, functional garments hand-made to last.
  • Local manufacturing and small businesses.
  • Giving back to charities that love animals as much as we do.
  • And above all else, our best friends, forever.

Is your dog your bff too?

Can't wait to outfit them in only the best?

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