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Name: A lot of people may not know this, but Little Enzo's real name is Lorenzo! I chose this name for him because as the meaning of the name reveals, it didn't take long for him to conquer my heart. It was love at first sight. (@littleenzo_the_frenchie)

What breed of dog is Little Enzo: He is a Blue Sable French Bulldog.

Where does Little Enzo live? San Juan, Puerto Rico.

What is Little Enzo's favourite thing to do: If Enzo had to choose among his favourite things to do, he would probably choose cuddling any day!

Why did you start an instagram account for Little Enzo? Initially I started Enzo's Instagram account as a way to channel my creativity, sense of humour, style, and love for photography. But, as time went by I realized that what I was doing for myself was actually bringing happiness and opportunities to my IG community. Thanks to the creation of @littleenzo_the_frenchie, I am able to inspire people from all parts of the world every day. And this is an achievement I am very proud of. 

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram? It's really hard to choose as I love every photo of Enzo. But, if I had to choose one, it would probably be the "Cuddle Buddies get all the Hunnies post, since this was the first photo in my account that had a total of +15,000 likes!


What’s the best part about instagraming? Being able to meet and connect with people from all over the world that are as passionate about their furry friend(s) as I am. The friendships I've made over the past few months are indescribably specialso much so, that I am proud to be able to call them family.

What one word best describes your dog? Charming! Guaranteed to melt hearts.

What other instagram dogs does Little Enzo follow? We follow over 500 amazing dogs on Instagram, especially ones who make us laugh and have ridiculous sense of style like: @marcel_the_frenchbulldog, @missproutprout, @baloublue, @3frenchiesinapod, @_zoethefrenchie_, @piggyandpolly, @lucie.lefrenchie, @3frenchiesinoz, @lolatheterrible, @gomithefrenchie, and @miss_olive_the_frenchie,  just to mention a few.

Any tips for other instagramers? To be creative, bold and, most importantly, genuine. 

Does Little Enzo have any favourite dog products? He has many! When it comes to dressing up he loves to look dapper in @shopdogthreads button down shirts, and when it comes to dressing down he loves to wear @bonefide.collection hoodies. For some fun in the sun he prefers wearing @frenchie_bulldog harnesses, and for his everyday look he likes to wear @lefrankau collars accessorized with either a @thriftypup bowtie or a @roverboutique bandana.

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