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Lisa Besseling, Marlon Hazlewood, and Owen

If you love dogs: @owenthegriff
If you love interior design: @stonylake
If you love photography: @hazlewoodimages

What breed of dog is Owen:
Brussels Griffon

Where does Owen you live?:  
Lakefield, Ontario (Canada)

What is Owen's favourite thing to do:  
He spends most of the day sleeping, but he does love a good squirrel chase.

Why did you start an instagram account for Owen? 
I was posting a lot of Owen pics on my own account, and I thought people might get sick of it.  So this way they can follow him if they want to.  And of course he now has WAY more followers than my personal and business accounts. 

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram? 
The one that is his current profile picture is my current fave.  Owen's dad is a photographer, I've recently convinced him to contribute more to Owen's account.

What’s the best part about instagraming? 
It sounds a bit nuts, but it feels like Owen has this fabulous group of friends, most of which he will never meet.  But with dogs (unlike business) it's not about selling anything, it's just about cuteness and bringing a smile to someone's day.

What one word best describes your dog? 
Slutty.  Can I say that?  Seriously.  He is at work with us everyday and each person that comes in and is greeted by Owen thinks that THEY are special.  It's not so, he LOVES everyone.  If he can reach your face he will lick you.

What other instagram dogs does Owen follow? 
Owen follows a lot of other Griffs of course.  He has a pretty big crush on @ittystagram.  

Tip for other instagramers? 
Just have fun.  Try to capture your dogs personality, give him/her a voice.  Non-dog people will think you're nuts, but dog people will love it.

Does Owen have any favourite dog products? 
His favourite article of 'clothing' is his Rover Boutique Chambray Bowtie (similar here).  He wears it to work and people get a kick out of it.  We always say he has to dress for work.

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