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Article: 3 Modern Cat Scratchers You Can't Live Without

3 Modern Cat Scratchers You Can't Live Without

Jiyoun Kim Studio

Jiyoun Kim Studio
Three Poles Collection

Jiyoun Kim Studio's Three Poles Collection greats a perfect harmony between your home decor and cat's natural habits. This sleek, solid structure takes functionality to its core. Each section is modular for users to freely rearrange them according to their taste. You cat can enjoy areas of play, scratch and rest, all while living their best mid century modern life!

Janna Watson

Studio Watson
Cat Scratchers

These gorgeous hand-tufted wool cat scratchers come from the Toronto painter and designer Janna Watson. Along with a series of rugs and collaborative projects, these cat scratchers are thoughtfully designed to inspire and transform any room. 

neko cat tree

Neko: Modern Cat Tree

This beautiful see-through cat tree will fit perfectly into any modernist home. The natural wood structure offers a private space for you cat to nap, as well a luxurious scratching post.  

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