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What breed of dog is Bruce: 
Labrador Retriever

Where does Bruce live?:
We’re located in the Distillery District in Toronto, ON.

What is Bruce's favourite thing to do:
Bruce is a very active pup, he loves trips to the cottage, swimming, hiking, stealing underwear and socks, or just posing for the camera. 

Why did you start an instagram account for Bruce?
It all started with the #brucethehandsome hashtag. One day I just checked if the username was taken. It wasn’t. I also felt like I’ve been driving my friends crazy with all the dog photos I shared on my personal account, haha. We had no idea how much people are going to love Bruce and his photos.

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram?

What’s the best part about instagraming?
Instagram is basically about doing the two things that I love the most: photography and my dog. I also found the power of the pet-loving community really fascinating. 

What one word best describes your dog?

What other instagram dogs does Bruce follow?
We love Lizzie (@lizzie.bear) and Gracie (@graciethelabrador) and Harley&Hogie (the @h2oboys). Or any account with a dog surfing. 

Tips for other instagramers?
I think what’s really important is to learn when to put your camera/phone away and to spend quality time with your pets.

Does Bruce have any favourite dog products?
Being an active and strong pup, we’re always on the look for indestructible toys (no luck yet).
He looks extremely handsome in his brand new Rover Bow Tie Collar. People on the street keep commenting his good-looks. We’re so happy that we found your store.  

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