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Name: Iggy Joey

What breed of dog is Iggy:  Italian Greyhound – But she has a strong resemblance to a baby kangaroo. 

Where does Iggy you live?: Toronto, Ontario! Canada 

What is Iggy's favourite thing to do: Eating banana and cuddling! 

Why did you start an instagram account for Iggy? I started an Instagram account for Joey because I knew I was going to take a million photos of her and my friends might not necessarily want to see that many! I was wrong though, they all love her!

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram? I’ve narrowed it down to three:

What’s the best part about instagraming? I love getting comments or emails from people all over the world saying that Iggy Joey made their day! Or, that they’ve adopted a dog because of her. I love the challenge of posting a pic everyday, it forces me to be creative, and obviously I love scrolling through her posts and seeing how much she’s grown! 

What one word best describes your dog? Sneaky!  

What other instagram dogs does Iggy follow? Iggy Joey’s favourite dogs on Instagram are @pj_iggy @oxenthefrenchie & @nolaprincessmonkey 

Tip for other instagramers? Follow @IggyJoey lol! Share your sense of humour through your posts and like minded people will engage. There is no such thing as too many cute animal pictures.

Does Iggy have any favourite dog products? Joey loves her fashion! She has a “bigger than average” collar and sweater collection. Her favourite collar is her Rover Boutique Plaid Bow Tie collar. It definitely gets her the most attention! Her favourite sweater is her onsie from Iggy Plus. She also loves her YoMoEssentials products!


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