Name: Frankie
What breed of dog is Frankie: French Bulldog
Where does Frankie you live?: Hamilton, Ontario (as of last week!)
What is Frankie's favourite thing to do: Destroy tennis balls
Why did you start an instagram account for Frankie? We started our blog and because of all the photographic content we were creating, it was only natural to use Instagram as a way to bring people to the blog.
What's your favourite pic on your Instagram? The black and white shot of Frankie being held up like Lion King!

What's the best part about instagraming? It’s so fun having the ability to connect with people all over the world.
What one word best describes your dog? Independent
What other instagram dogs does Frankie follow? @olivethefancyfrenchie @lentil_frenchbulldog @winstonweekly
Tips for other instagramers? Find a community and provide meaningful content.
Does Frankie have any favourite dog products? Frankie loves his frisbee and other toys from West Paw Design


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