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Article: Our Fav New Cat Products

Our Fav New Cat Products

Studio Watson Cat Scratcher

Here is this week's round of up cool products for you and your pet. This week we are featuring a round up of our favourite new cat products!

1. Studio Watson Cat Scratchers

These cat scratchers are hand-stuffed in Toronto with 100% wool. If you are looking for a contemporary art piece, rather than a boring old cat scratcher these one of a kind pieces are for you!

2. Siamese Social Club Magnetic Fishing Toy

Inspired by the magnetic fishing game for children, this modern version for cats transforms the typical wand toy into a dynamic, interactive toy for you and your cat. Fish connect to the wooden “hook” magnetically and are detachable so they can be used as individual toys. Set includes one fishing rod and two magnetic fish.

3. Stay Home Club Kaye Tiny Cat Earrings

This is a pair of tiny cat faces on stud earrings by Kaye Blegvad are oh so darling.

4. Beardbangs Ceramic Cat Planter

Handmade in Toronto, these adorable ceramic planter stands feature pretty kitties!

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