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Article: Ella's Favourite Treats

Ella's Favourite Treats

Granville Island Dog Treats

Here is this week's round of up cool products for you and your pet. This week we are featuring Ella's favourite treats!

1. Granville Island Pet Treatery

Hailing from Vancouver, Granville Island treats are some of Ella's favourites. In particular, she goes crazy over their "All of A Sardine I Was Hungry" treats. 

2. Flying Hound

In the summer, Ella loves Flying Hound's popsicles - she can chow her way through their bacon and peanut butter pop in a few minutes! 

3. Get Naked 

Ella is not much of a chewer, but she loves Get Naked's line of healthy chews. We give her their Digestive Health sticks or Weight Management chews.

4. Crumps' Naturals

The treats that Ella probably gets the most is these Crumps' Naturals training treats. Made from freeze dried beef, these tiny treats are the perfect thing to add to her snuffle mat! 

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