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Article: Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

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Guest Post: Deinah Storm

If you have a pupper, I’m pretty sure you want whatever’s best for him, and that you’d do anything just to provide for his essentials. Today, CBD oil is making its name in the market as it proposes a lot of health benefits for your little paw friend. But what is a CBD oil anyway?

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a component found in cannabis and hemp. According to research, CBD oil does not contain compounds of marijuana that often result in psychoactivities. This compound is known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD oil is free from psychoactive properties, and it can provide health benefits for your little fur friends.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

So CBD oil is safe for dogs, what’s next? Listed below are a few health benefits of the CBD oil for dogs:

Anxiety and Depression

CBD oil is known to relieve anxiety and depression among dogs. It provides a calming feeling which can significantly help when your furry friends are starting to have panic attacks and show signs of frustration or depression.

Severe Pain and Chronic Inflammation

Just like medical marijuana for humans, CBD oil has almost the exact same effect on dogs who suffer from severe pain and chronic inflammation. The oil helps lessen the pain these dogs are feeling. CBD oil can be especially beneficial with senior dogs who are experiencing arthritic pain. 

Epileptic Seizures

As mentioned, CBD oil contains receptors that are excellent for calming. The oil mixes perfectly with their body’s natural elements. As it runs through their entire system, it helps modulate pain and can ease epileptic attacks or seizures.

How Do I Give CBD Oil To My Dogs?

The most common way of administering CBD oil for your dog is letting dogs take in the oil is through food. You can add the recommended dosage to your dog's regular food.

You can also try mixing it with a high value treat for extra picky dogs.

Another way of giving your dog CBD oil is to drop the oil directly in their mouth. Some dogs tend to notice the slightest change in their food or treats, so it’s better to just let them take it in immediately through their tongue with the use of a dropper or a spoon.

How Can I Get CBD Oil For My Dog?

Buying CBD oil depends on your state or country. Some states you can purchase over the counter CBD oil from reputable sources. In other states / countries you may have to get a prescription from your vet.

Is CBD Right For Your Dog?

Seeing your dog suffer is probably one of the worst things in life. Fortunately, more and more products and alternatives are available today to help treat and ease a dog’s suffering. If you are considering CBD oil to help with your dog's anxiety, depression, or pain consult with your veterinarian on the right dosage for your pup. Some dogs see immediate results (ease anxiety within a few minutes), while chronic pain may take several days to see relief.

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