Name and Instagram handle: Zero @zero.schnauz

What breed of dog is Zero: Miniature Schnauzer

Where does Zero live?: Toronto, ON

What is Zero's favourite thing to do: Wrestle with dogs and bark!

Why did you start an instagram account for Zero? I was tempted to overload my personal Instagram with photos of Zero. But instead gave Zero his own account to share his look and personality with friends and the dog loving community!

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram? The first one! He's just a pup and we were still getting to know him.


What’s the best part about instagraming? Interacting with dogs and humans around the world, especially other Schnauzers. I love learning about different dogs and their personalities and seeing the similarities in Zero.

What one word best describes your dog? Alert

What other instagram dogs does Zero follow? @remixthedog, @followingkeaton, @mapleandlacie, @moem_n, @wolfgang2242 ... The list goes on!

Any tips for other instagramers? Have fun with it! Posts with some humour always get a good response. 

Does Zero have any favourite dog products? His best bud is his Kong Cozie alligator named Ali. They've been together since puppyhood and Ali hangs out in whatever room Zero is in. 


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