Jaxson the golden

Name: Jaxson / @jaxson_thegolden

What breed of dog is Jaxson: Golden Retriever! 

Where does Jaxson you live?: Just north of Toronto, Ontario

What is Jaxson's favourite thing to do: Jaxson loves to unload his toy box, chase his tail, and play in the sprinkler.

Why did you start an instagram account for Jaxson? To share all of the photos I take of this handsome boy!

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram?

Jaxson the golden

What’s the best part about instagraming? Seeing all of the adorable dogs and dog related products! It feels casual and personal!

What one word best describes your dog? WILD 

What other instagram dogs does Jaxson follow? @Lizzie.bear, @joliegoldenretriever, @jack_retriever1 .. Lots of goldens!

Tip for other instagramers? Have fun with it! Post for yourself, not for anyone else.. Use lots of hash tags!

Does Jaxson have any favourite dog products? His Rover collar gets him LOTS of compliments. He also says never leave home without Zukes treats! 

jaxson the golden

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who is @Jackson_thegolden breeder?

Kaylee Young February 09, 2018

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