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Name: I’m Seline. Como & Leo are my dogs (follow on instagram @comoandthecity)

What breed are Como & Leo: 
Como & Leo are both Alaskan Klee Kai

Where do Como & Leo live?:  
We live in Santa Monica, CA

What are Como & Leo's favourite things to do:
They love to wrestle, steal socks, eat apple slices, and kiss their mommy!  They also both LOVE to be with other dogs and sit across from each other and “talk” (like in this video! )

Why did you start an instagram account for Como & Leo?
Initially, I wanted to get to know other Alaskan Klee Kai owners  and get tips on how best to socialize Como. Once I signed up, I met some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever know. I never imagined social media could lead to such deep and authentic friendships based on common values and interests. 

What’s your favourite pics on your Instagram page?
Leo, together)


What’s the best part about instagraming?
Instagram is a wonderful creative outlet and a way for me to share positive messages during a time when then world is divisive.

What one word best describes your dog?
Como: diva
Leo: feisty
Como goes by Lady Como
Leo goes by THE Leo

What other instagram dogs do Como & Leo follow?
We follow a number of other dog accounts. Our closest friends are @jackinstadog, @marloweandshakes, @farrahandfriends, @bellalovesbeau, @abbeybellacavalier, and @iheartmiles

Any tips for other instagramers?
Be yourself. There are too many accounts that look like replicas of other accounts, both in their images and their messages. Be yourself and ALWAYS be kind.

Do Como & Leo have any favourite dog products?
We love PetPlay for their wonderful beds, ZippyPaws for their vibrant and durable toys, and Harx for their stunning hand-died rope leashes, MaxBone, PoochPets, and Olive & Atlas are also favorites of ours for collars, clothing and other accessories.  
We shop at and HealthySpot for food and other day-to-day needs.

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