quincy fox

Name: Quincy (@quincyfox)

What breed of dog is Quincy:  Pomeranian

Where does Quincy live?: New York, NY

What is Quincy's favourite thing to do: She loves playing with stuffed animals! 

When did you start an instagram account for Quincy? About a year ago. 

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram? I love the one where Quin is hugging a pizza in bed! 

quincy fox

What’s the best part about instagraming? Being able to give Quin a voice is pretty fun! 

What one word best describes your dog? Fox 

What other instagram dogs does Quincy follow? Doug the Pug! Chloe the mini frenchie

Any tips for other instagramers? Hashtags are key! 

Does Quincy have any favourite dog products? I can't take her black spiked collar from Lazy Bones off! 

quincy fox

quincy fox             quincy fox            quincy fox

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