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Your dog’s name + any nicknames they may have:
Bo and Boris. We call Bo, Boter which means butter in Dutch and we call Boris, Gremlin sometimes! Our Instagram is @thepugrumble.

What breed is your dog(s)?
Bo en Boris are both pugs, Bo is a black pug and Boris is a fawn pug.

What is your dog(s)' favourite thing to do?
Bo LOVES sleeping and eating, she has her crazy moments from time to time where she runs around with her toys but, she sleeps most of the day! Boris is a full time sleeper too but, he LOVES his toys!

What one word best describes your dog(s)?
Bo = Fulltime sleeper
Boris = Crazy Gremlin

Do you follow any instagram famous dogs or accounts? If so, what are your favourites:
We do! Our favourites are: @pugloulou, @griffinfrenchie, @pony.thefrenchie, @itsmoosethepug and of course @itsdougthepug!

Any dog blogs or websites you follow  or a must read book about dogs?
We don't really read any blogs or websites but we occasionally read some blog posts at Frenchie Blog.

Favourite dog spot in your local area?
We don't have a 'dog spot' but we love walking them in the Hallerbos which is a wood/forest close to where we live. We take our dogs with us EVERYWHERE, when we go shopping, when we go out to eat...


What is your dog(s)' favourite treat and or toy?
Bo would kill for a piece of chicken and Boris eats everything! Bo's favourite toy is a set of three roses from @petplaysf and Boris's favourite toy is his little giraffe which was from his mommy!

What do you love most about your dog(s)?
I love their personalities so much. I have had dogs growing up, but none of them had a crazy personality like they do, maybe it is something typical for a pug to be a little crazier? But I live for it! The second thing I love about them is that they snore when they sleep, it is SO CUTE and makes me super tired.

Is there anything you wish you could always do with your dog(s)?
Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle!

What do you think all dog’s have in common?
Their love for humans.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your dog?
They are REAL models! Check out our Instagram to see them pose :) 
(...and check out @thepugrumble today for a special Rover giveaway...)


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