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Article: Our Favourite Etsy Finds For Your Dog

Our Favourite Etsy Finds For Your Dog

lenny walks dog bowl

We love picking up handmade items for our pup, so this week we are rounding up our favourite Etsy finds for your dog!  

1. Lenny Walks Ceramic Dog Bowl

This minimal yet vibrant dog bowl is the “tablewear” your four-legged friend deserves to be pampered with.

2. AJ Wood Work Puzzle Dog Toy

This interactive wooden puzzle toy not only looks beautiful, but it's a great brain teaser for your dog.

3. Nice People Workshop Dog House

This modern dog house is a beautiful, comfortable, eco-friendly house that perfectly fits in any contemporary home.

4. Howl & Home Dog Feeder

This feeding station is designed to get your pet's food & water dish off the ground. The height has been carefully considered & is intentionally low to give your pet a comfortable & natural feeding position.

5. RPNY Design Dog Line Art

This company has beautiful, minimal line art drawings that you can download and print instantly! We love their dog line art series for a modern room.

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