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Article: Out With The Old & In With The New...

Out With The Old & In With The New...

2019 Goals

READ MORE BOOKS: I've always loved escaping into a good book. These days I find myself reading more and more business books - which is insightful, but doesn't have the same mental retreat as a great fiction novel. So for 2019, I am setting the goal to read more (fiction) books. I don't want to say a specific number (always set yourself up to succeed), but will aim for at least 1 a month. Looking for some great book suggestions? I've been really into Reese Witherspoon's book club (Hello Sunshine) suggestions, as well as, SJP's Pics for the ALA Book Club Central

COOK MORE: This one's pretty simple...with a hectic work life and busy holiday season, it was far too easy to rely on take out for dinner. With the aim to eat healthier and save money, I am setting a goal to cook more meals at home - currently searching meal planning sites!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Over the past few years, my hobby of taking pictures has become more and more part of my full time job - and I love it! This year I am giving myself the goal of working on a personal photography project. I know I would like to photography people with their pets in an intimate and candid way. I am still working out the details of this goal - but will keep you posting as things develop. 

HOME LIFE: I have lived in my current home for just over 2 years and there are a ton of renovation projects that keep getting put off. This year is the year I am going to organize my home (hello Marie Kondo) and set a plan to get starting on some of those room makeovers!

BUSINESS: Every year I set the goal to introduce new products and grow my business. In the past that has included going to more trade / retail shows, expanding wholesale, and communication online with our loyal Rover friends. This year I have 3 main goals:
1. Connect with more of you (through collaborations, conversations, and online content).
2. Design new and exciting products + services for our customers.
3. Give back in meaningful ways (through partnerships with animal charities).


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