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Article: Suji + Must Have Fall Looks

Suji + Must Have Fall Looks

With the help of our friend Suji from @newoldpugsuji we are bringing you our must have fall bandanas, plus an exclusive interview with this super sweet senior pug!

Our Must Have Fall Bandanas

1. Something Floral 

Floral Bandana

 2. Denim Goes With Everything

3.  A Classic Check

A Little More About @newoldpugsuji

When did you adopt Suji?
We adopted Suji in November of 2016 from The Pacific Pug Rescue in Oregon.  

Why did you choose to adopt a senior dog?

We’ve had pugs who have eventually become senior pugs - and all the more adorable with time.  We also have a soft spot for doggies in need - and that’s what Suji was.  She had been living in a barn before she came to The Pacific Pug Rescue, the muscles in her hind legs atrophied to the point she would get around by dragging herself by her front legs.  We took one look at her on the rescue site and fell in love with her.

What where some of her "senior" issues and how have you helped her overcome them.

When she first came to us, Suji had mobility issues and came with her own wheelchair.  Over time, we got her out and about, supporting her hindquarters with a sling, taking her for laser and hydro therapies, giving her massages, and just working to build up her muscles through exercise.  Today, she no longer uses the wheelchair and is an avid walker. 


What is Suji's personality?
She is very needy, very vocal, and very suspicious of strangers.  BUT if you win her over, she will demand your constant attention.

What is your favourite thing about Suji?

Favorite thing about Suji?  Her personality of course.  She can be incredibly sweet and loving…and also incredibly bossy and cantankerous.

What is Suji's favourite food?
Suji is a big fan of crisp apple slices!

Any fun facts we should know about Suji?

Suji likes routine.  If we haven’t taken her out for a walk by 10 am, we’ll hear about it.  Also, if she’s not in bed by 9:00 p.m. (and she does sleep in the bed with us), we’ll hear about it as well.

What is the best part about having a instagram account for Suji?
The best part about having an instagram account for Suji is all the amazing followers and friends she has gathered from all over the world.

Tips and or advice for people who want to start an instagram page for their dog.

Use photos that show your dog’s personality.  Throw in the occasional video.   Post consistently, maybe once a day.  Use the insta-story feature. And find the time to respond to the comments now and then.


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