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Article: Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

summer bucket list dog

10 simple things you can do this summer to bring more happiness into your life and strengthen your bond with your dog!

1. Go For A Walk Somewhere New

Find a new spot to go for a walk and explore with your dog!

2. Learn A New Trick

Learning a new trick is the perfect way to the improve the mental health of your dog and have fun while doing it! It doesn't have to be complicated - teach them to sit, lay down, roll over. If your dog is a pro work on something more difficult - spin, speak, hug...

3. Make A Special Treat For Your Pup

One of our new favourite things to make for Ella are dog-pops. They are so simple and a great summer treat. We take plain yoghurt and scoop into a silicon mold. Place in freezer for a few hours. Once frozen you can transfer to a freezer safe container. These dog-pops are a great way to cool off after a long summer day!

4. Pay It Forward

Nothing brings us more joy then donating our time, money, or products to our local dog shelter. Find your local dog charity and think of a simple way you can help them out!

5. Plan A Doggy Playdate

Have a friend with a furry bff? Plan a doggy playdate. Both you and your dog will benefit from the social outing. 

6. Organize

Add some Marie Kondo magic in your life and organize your doggy drawer. Go through all your dog's leashes, collars, accessories and clothing. Clean out what you no longer want (donate to your local shelter) and reorganize what's left. It is amazing how much better you will feel after!

7. Go To The Beach

Take a few hours and go to the beach. Splash in the surf with your pup and enjoy the day!

8. Work On Your Dog's Sniffing Skills

Hide some treats in a snuffle mat, or blanket and let your dog sniff them out. You can also hide some treats in boxes, bins, or around the house and let your dog have fun finding them! 

9. Photo Session

Book a photo session with your dog, or schedule some time to take some pics of your pup at your favourite spot. These are photos you will cherish forever. Make it extra special by outfitting your dog in a summer bandana (like our sailor or seaside bandanas).

10. Give Your Dog A Message

Who doesn't love a good message? Spend some quality time rubbing down your dog.

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