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Article: 10 Instagram Dogs We Are Currently Obsessed With...

10 Instagram Dogs We Are Currently Obsessed With...

To say we follow a lot of dogs on instagram would be an understatement. From dogs who have a better wardrobe than most humans, to silly pooches, to adventurous pups, dogs are taking over insta-world. Here are 10 instagram dogs we are currently obsessed with...

1. @sadiemtnpup

This Border Collie & Australian Shepherd cross is living her best, wild life in Colorado.

2. @mariavanonen

Ever dreamed of living in Switzerland with an adorable pup? Well, now you can live vicariously through Maria & Yoda. Follow their adventures through their stunning travel photo diary.

3. @dogswiss

Nala, aka the dogswiss, is a Labrador Retriever who spends her days wandering the Swiss alps.
instagram dogs

4. @endeavorsofego

This dog does it all - elaborate photoshoots, traveling the world, chilling at home, and making friends. If you want daily inspiration and beautiful photos to fill your feed, go ahead and follow Sydney & Ego.

5. @ladiesman.leo

His name says it all, @ladiesman.leo is a heart breaker! This fluffy Samoyed will melt your heart.

6. @jaxson_thegolden

This fellow Canadian (brother to @sadie_thelabx) is not only an award winning agility and obedience super star, but he is also one of the sweetest dogs we've ever met! 

7. @thatdoodsquad

If you love doodles you need to follow this squad. These 7 doodles are the best of friends and know how to pose for a photo.

instagram dogs

8. @littlehounddog

These two beagle girls, Splash & Cricket, make me laugh everyday. And if you are lucky enough to live in Marin county, California - you can get your photo taken by their amazing photog mom @silversplashphoto!

9. @whippet_loki

If you love Escape to the Country, then you need to follow this little Whippet. This London pup and her travel photographer, blogger mom (@katya_jackson) are living the quintessential British life. Follow both accounts for shots of dreamy little cottages, cobblestone roads, and all things country life has to offer.

10. @thegoldenfinn

Finn is a two year old golden full of life. Follow this account if you are looking for a daily boost of energy.

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