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Article: City Guide: 5 Must-Know Off-Leash Dog Parks in Toronto you Should Add to Your Summer Bucket-List

City Guide: 5 Must-Know Off-Leash Dog Parks in Toronto you Should Add to Your Summer Bucket-List

Make this summer an unforgettable adventure for you and your dog by exploring some of Toronto's best off-leash dog parks! We’ve listed the 5 top-rated dog parks for you to visit, so you can spend less time looking for the perfect place and more time playing with your furry bestie. Here are 5 must-know, off-leash dog parks for the ultimate pet parent!

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1. High Park (Off-Leash Dog Area)

Located: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3

Community Google Rating: 4.7

See what others are saying:

"What more is there to say about this vintage park that hasn't been said already?
Year round experiences. Favourite for dog lovers and professional walkers" - Victor Neto

"High Park is one place that you can never get enough of. The greenery and the space is very refreshing" - Feyi Kalu

High Park offers a variety of lush trails, gardens, a zoo, kids activities, a resturant, and sporting amenities. This green space is best known for its popular cherry blossoms, with over thousand cherry blossom trees. But dog lovers, know it for its massive off-leash dog park. Located between the Grenadier Restaurant and the High Park Zoo, the off-leash grounds have running water to keep your dog hydrated and benches for pet owners. While the entrance is gated, this section of the park is not fully fenced off, so if you have a dog that like to run off a keen eye is needed. 

Cedervale Off-leash Dog Park, dogs running in the park during fall

2. Cedarvale Park
(Off-Leash Dog Area)

Located: 443 Arlington Ave, York, ON M6C 3A2

Community Google Rating: 4.6

See what others are saying:

"We always love this dog park. Ground is mulch so dogs don’t get muddy, there are always friendly people and lots of dogs" - Hannah Matkovits

"The dogs are incredibly nice. I have a very small dog and every other dog has been very friendly with him every visit. They use wood-chips for the floor so softer than parks with stone" - Ryan Hurlbut

You can find Cedarvale Park in the West Toronto York region. The park has many outdoor amenities such as tennis courts, sports fields, a baseball diamond, and a playground. The off-leash dog park is near the east side of the arena parking lot. The spacious park includes a large fenced-in area for your dog to run and socialize. If your dog is shy or anxious, don't worry, this roomy park has enough space for your pup to wonder by themselves without feeling overwhelmed. 

garnet wood park off leash dog park

3. Garnetwood Dog Park (Off-Leash Dog Area)

Located: 4057 River Mill Way, Mississauga, ON L4W 4C1

Community Google Rating: 4.9

See what others are saying:

"Beautiful park to go for a long walk, nice and clean and well maintained, beautiful layout with a small river halfway, never knew this place was here and glad I found it" - Gerald McFall 

"Nice dog park, good size with lots of water bowls, trees and picnic tables. Great owners. Nearby parking. Our dog Faris likes it also." - Fred Hopper

This leash-free dog park is 1.5 acres, fully fenced and located within a public park on Burnhamthorpe. The park provides dog owners and their fur friends with shaded areas for extra hot summer days, along with scenic walking trails, and gorgeous park views. For those of you who like to socialize and plan doggie meet ups, the park even has an unofficial Facebook page.


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4. Sherwood Park (Off-Leash Dog Area)

Located: 190 Sherwood Ave, Toronto, ON M4P 2A8

Community Google Rating: 4.7

See what others are saying:

"Lovely park in the neighbourhood! You can get all the way from around Yonge St to Edwards Garden through the trail here. There are lots of dogs playing around" - Lori Fung

"Just found this park today. This is a great place for dogs. They have a big off leash dog park. A nice ravine for dogs to swim in. Great for the fall as the park is sheltered by trees" - Lynne Thibault

Located in North York, Sherwood Park offers scenic forest trails, wading pools and free parking. The park is a hikers paradise, but if you have mobility issues the park does have areas with steep stairs and wooden boardwalks. The designated off-leash dog area is rich with forest views and fulled fenced in.

On your walk you’ll see a variety of white pine, oak, and sugar maple trees. Once you reach the designated off-leash area you can remove your pup’s leash and enjoy the forest views while staying in a pet-friendly and safe fenced area.

 Cherry Beach, off-leash dog park toronto

5. Cherry Beach (Off-Leash Dog Area)

Location: 1 Cherry St, Toronto, ON

Community Google rating: 4.7

See what others are saying:

"Gorgeous waterfront with well cared for and well behaved dogs all running free, chasing sticks into the water, meeting other dogs and people and chasing other dogs in play. Friendly people in a shady, supportive environment. It's so therapeutic. It's a perfect way to spend the afternoon" - Kathy Munro

"Love this dog park. Excellent path for walks and good beach for dogs to run into. We go often and love it. Go early AM for fewer dogs or after work for a bigger crowd" - Fiona Caprani

Cherry Beach is a sandy paradise in the heart of the city. You can find the off-leash dog area on the north shore and will be pleasantly surprised with parking options, public transit services and restrooms for all your travel needs. This popular beach location is known as, “Toronto’s cleanest beach”, meaning your dog can take a swim and cool off on hot summer days. The pet-friendly area has fencing on three major sides of the west side of the beach but is not fully enclosed. The beach is ideal for adventure dogs who like to swim and make new friends. 

Where Will You Be Heading?

Now that you know some of the best off-leash dog parks in the GTA, it's time for you to grab your sunglasses, dog treats and your furry bestie and go visit these popular spots! If you have a favourite dog park we didn't mention, let us know in the comments below!

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