Name: Teddy
What breed of dog is Teddy:
Old English Sheepdog 

Where does Teddy you live?: Toronto
What is Teddy's favourite thing to do:
Why did you start an instagram account for Teddy?
 I started an account for Teddy solely because my personal account was filled with his pictures! 
What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram?


What’s the best part about instagraming? Teddy posing with his pug besties
What one word best describes your dog? Lazy
What other instagram dogs does Teddy follow? @rustyrodas, @zerochucksgiven, @de_wollewei, @lifewithleroy, @ps.ny   Just to name a few...
Tips for other instagramers? Good lighting is key and humour is always nice! 
Does Teddy have any favourite dog products? Silly Bums Toys, Rover Boutique Bow Tie Collar, Pawz, Chilly Dog Wweater, Fully Water Dispenser 

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