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Remix The Dog

We are so exciting today to be interviewing the famous miniature schnauzer - Remix The Dog! If you have not already started stalking him on instagram (@remixthedog) or reading his insightful reviews and articles on his blog (, clear your schedule, because you are going to need a few hours to browse through all his sophisticated photos and reviews. If you are like us and already obsessed with this mini schnauzer, then enjoy this insider info on the adorable Remix The Dog! 

Name: Remix The Dog

What breed of dog is Remix: Miniature Schnauzer

Where does Remix live?: In the 6ix! (Toronto)

What is Remix's favourite thing to do: Meet new pups & play fetch

Why did you start an Instagram account for Remix? We started his Instagram as a creative hobby and as avid photographers, it seemed only natural to tap into the IG community.

What's your favourite pic on your Instagram? We made a series of photos of Remix emulating emojis and this particular photo was pure magic. We just love how his happy personality was captured!

Remix The Dog

What's the best part about Instagraming? Connecting with other instagrammers from all over the world and the friendships we've formed with these people. 

What one word best describes your dog? Snuggler

What other Instagram dogs does Remix follow? @moem_m , @RustyRodas , & @SchnauzerStanley .

Tips for other Instagramers? Be creative and try to engage with your followers.

Does Remix have any favourite dog products? Toys that have interesting sounds and squeakers that he can try to extract. ;)

Remix The Dog

Click here to visit @RemixTheDog on instagram!
Click here to visit and read his blog!

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