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Article: Best Dog Shirts

Best Dog Shirts

Pointed Dog Shirt collar

Here is this week's round of up cool products for you and your pet. This week we are featuring a round up of our favourite dog shirts!

1. Twinning Shirts

We love Dog Threads matching shirts for dogs, men, women and kids. Shop from a selection of flannel plaids, crisp window pane checks, and tropical prints.

2. The Pointed Collar

Paired with a bow tie or simply on its own, our pointed shirt collars with faux tortoise buttons are a classic. Perfect for the dog who does not like to wear clothing, but is oh so fashionable in a collar.

3. Polka Dot Soft Denim Shirt

Oh Pop Dog's denim and polka dot shirt looks oh so comfy and is super chic!

4. Blue Plaid Button Down

Nothing says a dapper like a classic plaid button down. We love this light blue plaid shirt from Fab Dog.

5. Alligator Beach BBQ Shirt

If your looking for something a little more fun for summer, check out Pablo and Co.'s Alligator Beach shirt! 


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