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Article: How To Photograph Your Dog's Personality x Gooseberry Studio

How To Photograph Your Dog's Personality x Gooseberry Studio

Gooseberry StudioIf you are looking to expand your knowledge of how to take great pictures of your pup check out Gooseberry Studio's photography workshops. We recently had the pleasure of sponsoring one of the talks and learned a ton on how to photograph your dog's personality. Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of the workshop. And read below for Laura's top tips on how to create a positive environment for photographing your pup!

Top 3 Tips For Photographing Your Dog's Personality

1. Get down on your dog's level.
Before starting a session, make sure to get down and play with your pup. Get them settled and calm. Get them familiar with your gear (your camera, any props and so forth).

2. Don't overly treat a dog to get the photo.
Have treats on hand, but instead of having the dog focused on treats, have them focused on you as the photographer. You can train them to look at you and be interested in you, by using treats sparingly. If you are treating during a shoot, make sure the photographer is the only person giving treats.

3. Use positive reinforcement training.
Nothing should be negative in the shooting process. For example, have your dog sit and wait (while you take a photo), then offer them a treat. If they get up, don't scold them, stay positive and say "that's ok" and don't treat. Eventually, they will learn that taking photos is like work - they get treating for accomplishing tasks. You can train them to do things like "look", "wait" and so forth. It's important to check your attitude, if you are getting frustrated don't take it out on your dog. Stop the session and try another day. It should be a happy experience for both you and your dog!


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