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Your dog’s name + any nicknames they may have: Barkley, or Barks if you're puppy pals! (@barkleydoodles on Instagram)

What breed is your dog’s breed? Barkley is an F1 Mini Goldendoodle

What is your dog’s favourite thing to do? Barkley loves to hunt for unsuspecting socks and underwear that mat have fallen short of the laundry basket! He loves the run off with them and attempt to hide without being noticed! As much as he loves a crazy zoomies session with his puppy friends at the dog park, he loves nothing more than to curl up into our laps and take a nice little nap while we fuss over him!

What one word best describes your dog? Snuggler

Do you follow any instagram famous dogs or accounts? If so, what are your favourites: I love to follow some of my fellow Doodle friends, like the entire pups of @thatdoodsquad (their Moms are all so awesome!) and my Canadian fave @minidoodlejack. We also love @yogafrenchie and @honeyidressedthepug for their gorgeous photos and wonderful uplifting captions. It's so hard to pick just a few, as we've made so many amazing Insta-friendships with so many amazing pups and their owners! 

Any dog blogs or websites you follow  or a must read book about dogs? I love to read the Zippy Paws blog, as well as write posts for Barkley's blog,

Favourite dog spot in your local area? We love to head to Piedmont Park in Atlanta and run along the beltline with Barkley. It's a fantastic path that runs around a large area of the city, with lots of pup-friendly shops and restaurants along the way. Nothing makes us happier than seeing him have having fun on a run and then grabbing brunch while he takes a much-needed snooze! 


What is your dog’s favourite treat and or toy? That's a tough one! Barkley has an insane amount of toys!!! He absolutely loves a super simple bouncy spiked rubber ball that we picked up at the local pet store, as well as his Koala bear for snuggle time! He's also a huge fan of the Zippy Paws burrow line, as they keep him entertained while he hunts for the smaller toys inside of each bucket design! We also recently discovered Mungo & Maud in London and love their beautiful designs. 

What do you love most about your dog? I literally love everything about him!!! We couldn't have wished for a more perfect pup for our little family! He is so fun-loving and happy, but we also love how much of a little love bug he is! Nothing beats sitting down after a hard day of work and having Barkley lick your face and snuggle right up next to you! I can't sit down without him instantly sitting on my lap or resting his head on my knee! He melts my heart every single day! (Proud Dog Mama much?!)

Is there anything you wish you could always do with your dog? Have him live forever?! Lol! I constantly joke that I wish he could be the Peter Pan of the pup world and stay young forever so that he's always with us! But in all seriousness, we wish we could take him on a family beach run everyday. We absolutely loved running him on the beach as a family everyday last year when we went on vacation to Hilton Head and dream of one day making this part of our daily routine! 

What do you think all dog’s have in common? Unconditional love. They are selfless, loyal and loving no matter what.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your dog? We have been thinking about getting a little brother for Barkley, but worry that he'd be too jealous! He's so used to having me work from home and having our full attention, that I'm worried that the jealously could be out of control for the little guy! Maybe one day?! Can you imagine Barks and another little pup on adventures together?! 

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