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Your dog’s name + any nicknames they may have:
Walter, Wally, Boo, Monkey (@walter_chestnut_iii)

What breed is your dog(s)?
Smooth coat brussels griffon

What is your dog(s)' favourite thing to do?
Go hiking or eat sticks, leaves, pinecones, bones, moss…pretty much anything not nailed down.

What one word best describes your dog(s)?

Do you follow any instagram famous dogs or accounts? If so, what are your favourites:
Danzig Bros…Bart is Walters cousin, Gusgusinthecity, Manny and Gizmo…Gizmo is also Walters cousin.

Any dog blogs or websites you follow  or a must read book about dogs?
Nope…just Rover Boutique. I do however like to look up holistic pet remedies/recipes.

Favourite dog spot in your local area?
The Simcoe County Forestry Trails

walter    walter

What is your dog(s)' favourite treat and or toy?
Orbee-Tuff® Mazee…this toy is a maze within a ball…drop treats in it and you'll have a stimulated dog for hours.

What do you love most about your dog(s)?
EVERYTHING, he melts every part of our hearts. He is smart, cuddly, silly, cute and fun. Plus he prances like a show horse.

Is there anything you wish you could always do with your dog(s)?
In a perfect world, we would just hike all day...this summer we will hopefully dig kayaking and camping.

What do you think all dog’s have in common?
Unconditional love!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your dog?
Our last two dogs were great danes...he thinks he is as big as they were.


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