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Holy The Pug
Name: Holy (Although my full name is Holy Maily Teddy Paddington!) @holythepug

What breed of dog is Holy? Pug

Where does Holy live? Madrid, Spain

What is Holy's favourite thing to do? Eat, eat, and.. oh wait, EAT!  Also he loves to play with his cousin, a French Bulldog named Eros.

Why did you start an instagram account for Holy?  Because I liked the idea of ​​sharing pictures of the life of a dog. As if he would control his own instagram. Sounds crazy right? But we have met wonderful people with our same madness.

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram? This one!

Holy The Pug

What’s the best part about instagraming?  Meeting people and making great friendships. We even receive and send gifts. It's amazing. I also like to make people laugh with the crazy videos of Holy.

What one word best describes your dog? PECULIAR. (And adorable, of course! He is the child of my eyes)

What other instagram dogs does Holy follow? @mokatheadorablepug @lennythepug @mopslola @alphie.and.teddy.pug @rajipooji @madness_the_pugman_and_she and many more.

Tips for other instagramers? Be themselves. That's what makes the difference.

Does Holy have any favourite dog products? Holy loves t-shirts and accessories from @ohpopdog.

Holy The PugHoly The Pug

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