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River The Mini Dachshund

Name: River (@river_the_mini_dachshund)

What breed of dog is River? Miniature Long Hair Dachshund 

Where does River live? Gold Coast, Australia 

What is River's favourite thing to do? 
River loves eating food & actively enjoys staring at me while I eat mine. She also likes going on puppycino dates, playing at the beach or park with friends and spending her time lazing in the sun.

Why did you start an instagram account for River?
I started River's Instagram account not only as an outlet for the never ending stream of photos of her in my camera roll, but also as a way to express my creativity, style, and love for her. It soon became a captivating hobby in a time when I needed it most. It sparked my love for photography, and I later on upgraded from iPhone to purchasing my very first DSLR Canon Camera. I have made amazing connections and built great friendships, and I've never felt like I belonged in a community as much as I do now. I never in a million years thought River's account would take off the way it has - it's been an incredible experience!

What’s your favourite pic on your Instagram? Here are a few of my favourites:

River The Mini Dachshund

What’s the best part about instagraming?

The best part is opening River’s Inbox on Instagram and reading all her fan mail! It brings me so much joy knowing that River's sweet little face makes so many people happy! Definitely the most rewarding feeling.

What one word best describes your dog?

River absolutely loves going on adventures and exploring. She has a keen interest in discovering all things in life with an aura of confidence around her. She is quite a character, full of personality extremely cheeky! 

What other instagram dogs does River follow?

River follows @dachshunds_off_the_leash, @kingkingsley__,@world.of.willow, @mooandtwig@bella_and_bailey_the_dachies + many more Insta-friends!

Tip for other instagramers?
Focus on your own unique concept good quality photos and a quirky caption goes a long way; quality over quantity! Be genuine, network & most importantly - have fun!

Does River have any favourite dog products?
She has many, however treats are definitely first on the list - she loves her natural, Australian-made treats from Savourlife & Ivory Coat! River loves to dress up in her Turtlenecks & Hoodies from her favourite brand, Mister Woof. She also adores her apparel from Sausage Dog Central, especially her new Dachramp which allows her to freely move up and down the couch for snuggles without jumping and injuring her back. River also likes to accessorise her look with House & Hound Australia and Lapdog Nation on her weekend outings.

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