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Article: Say Hello Calgary To Our Newest Retailer!

Say Hello Calgary To Our Newest Retailer!

New Forest

2500 4 St SW #17
Calgary, AB

"We named our store after a beautiful region in southern England, where wild ponies roam free." 

The New Forest is a specialty pet boutique that carries well curated, well made, unique products for pets and the homes they live in. Rather than a traditional pet store, the owners describe the store as a pet lifestyle shop. The shop offers customers doggy essentials, such as, beds, collars, leashes, and toys. But they go beyond the basics and also sell scented candles, beautiful throws, handcrafted treat jars and more. Their goal is to offer Calgarians a selection of products they will not find anywhere else in the City. It's a must stop shop if you live in Calgary and have a furry bff!

the new forest calgary


* The New Forest is own by a husband and wife duo! Jennifer owned clothing boutiques for over 20 years, and her husband owned a pet shop in England. They decided to combine their talents and start a new type of pet shop.

* The New Forest logo was hand drawn by Marigold Santos. This incredible artist hand drew the logo.

* The store was named after a beautiful region in southern England, where wild ponies roam free. 

The New Forest Calgary


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